"The Future of Gaming" // Xbox 

This commercial was created to announce the global launch of Xbox's new cloud-based gaming system – radically changing way we can play an access games moving forward.  

In this spot, we built out each of these sets entirely in studio, pulling in texture, regionally specific visual culture, and color theory to bring the characters and their gaming experiences to life. The team hired me to direct the live action commercial and also to develop the creative direction for the spot – most notably the art direction for each of the sets. 


Director  |  Talia Green
Director of Photography   |  Ty Migota
Assistant Director  |  Damien Payne
Executive Producers  |  Chad Cobain + Luke Icenhower
Producer  |  Stevie Rappa + Keri Owen
Post Producer  |  Austin Nokleby

Agency  |  COLOR

Editor  |  Eric Munch
Colorist  |  Drew Tekulve at Paradox Post VFX & Compositing  |  Soren Laulainen + Alex Vahle

Zuzu Kandilige, Mackenzie Nelson, Hayden Ludt, David Jofre + Estella

Production Designer |  Emily Wood
Set Build & Dress  |  Franike Postiglio, Andrew Imanaka + Caitlin Moorleghen

Wardrobe Stylist  |  Meg Schmitt  
Hair & Make Up  |  Lindsey Watkins

1ST AC  |  Nathan Beykovsky
Gaffer  |  Vince
BB Electric  |  Mark Bueing
G&E Swing  |  Rachel Weinkauf + Aaron Jaccons
Key Grip  |  Shaun Bowlby
BB GRIP  |  Brad Fox
Dolly Grip  |  Mike Astle

Production Assistants  |  Andu Wolde , Yabi Wolde + Jana Ryakhovskiy
Catering  |  Justina Renound
Location  |  House Studios