The Apollo Trio - "Velouria" Music Video.

This music video marks the visual debut of Seattle jazz band, The Apollo Trio.  “Velouria”, originally by The Pixies, takes new form with the band’s melodic and sentimental interpretation. Visually, we leaned into that romance in creating this jazz-inspired dreamscape – playing in nostalgia, video projection and the blending of the performer-audience relationship and perspective, we created a video dreamscape in this piece.


Song: Velouria
Band: The Apollo Trio

Director & Editor: Talia Green
Director of Photography: Jordan McGrath
Producer: Adam Strom
AC: Adam LaPine
Grip: Mario Coello
Production Coordinator: Jessica Johnson 
Dancer & Choreographer: Tom Weinberger
Dancer: Margaret Chen 

Original song by The Pixies.