1. Fashion Shoot // A PNW Spring

    Date 24 May 2017
    Springtime in the pacific northwest… well, we do things on our own terms. This series was shot in Portland, OR with local model, Davine Danielson. No pastels, no flowers in bloom, just restlessness.  One thing we can all agree on in the PNW is how deeply we long for summer by the time it…

  2. Fashion Shoot // “Stare.”

    Date 03 Jan 2017
    “Stare. It’s the way to educate your eye and more. Stare, pry, listen, eavesdrop. Die knowing something. You are not here long.” - Walker Evans  Inspiration always comes in unexpected forms. I came across this quote by Evans while perusing the biography section at my local bookstore. Something about it’s vulnerability resonated…

  3. PORTRAITURE // Aleena in Seattle

    Date 10 Nov 2016
    Heavy hearts today. Thankful for the positive forces in this world that live with the courage to speak out against prejudice and systemic injustice.  Aleena – a few weeks back – moving with both me and the camera in honesty, compassion and intent. 

  4. Fashion Shoot // Katharine in Phoenix

    Date 09 Nov 2016
    Made it home to the glorious heat of the desert, and couldn’t leave without squeezing in a shoot with this sunshine queen, Katherine.  Rin and I have had the pleasure of knowing each other since gaucho’s we’re cool… the first time. We made it through our awkward teens together and…

  5. Editorial // Hanna in Seattle

    Date 26 Oct 2016
    My Friend Hanna – specifically @myfriendhanna – at least that’s how she’s known on Instagram. We met on set a fashion shoot a few months ago and instantly had a connection. The dynamics between subject and photographer are intimate, trusting. You work together to understand one and other and capture a moment that feels honest and inspired.  A…

  6. Fashion // All the feelings of Fall

    Date 08 Oct 2016
    One of the biggest perks of my job is that it opens up so many opportunities to meet and collaborate with other creatively driven individuals. Most recently, I teamed up with Seattle-based fashion blogger Megan Little to shoot an autumn-inspired series for her blog, Sort of Style.  This lovely lady and I spent the afternoon in Seattle’s historic neighborhood – Pioneer Square. We wandered from coffee shop, to parking lot,…

  7. Old Friends, New City

    Date 17 Jun 2016
    ​One of the best parts of moving to a new city is when friends come to visit. We’ve been in Seattle for about seven months now (can’t even believe how time flies!) and we finally had our first house guests! And not just any guests – two of our closest friends from…

  8. Barcelona Adventure

    Date 17 Mar 2016
    My family has always been a matriarchy. A trait that I have gotten strength and inspiration from for as long as I can remember. The women in my life have valued art, independence, knowledge and acceptance, and they’ve shared that through the generations. My mom always made travel a priority in both my…

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