"Rewrite the Rules" for Mejuri 

At Mejuri they say "buy yourself the damn diamond." This is the story of where that came from, told through the lens of Mejuri Founder and CEO, Noura Sakkijha.  The film explored Noura's personal story and what motivated her to break out of the traditional, gendered tropes that surround the jewelry industry. We spend a day with Noura as we get to hear from her directly about why she started the company and how it shook things up in the industry. 

Shot on Kodak 250D 16mm film. 

Mejuri Team: 

Co-founder & CEO of Mejuri - Noura Sakkijha
Creative Chief Officer - Justine Lancon
VP Creative Operations - Eve Maidenberg
CD of Brand - Carla PoirierCD of Brand Narrative - Jessica Brewer 
Senior Art Director - Isabella Alesci
Producer - Erin Reynolds


Director: Talia Green 
Producer: Natasha Holly
Production Company: Ntropic
ECD: Nate Robinson
Art Director: Cheyenne Miller
Project Manager: Annelies Baltazar
DP: Rachel Batashvilli
Assistant Director: Conor Hibbler
16mm Cam Op: Sawyer Gaunt
1st AC: Steven Tong
2nd AC: Evan Wilkins
Stylist: Emily Bess
Tailor: Tae Yoshida
Hair & Makeup: Roberto Alvarado
Set Designer / Props: Elaine Winter
Gaffer: John Guillen
Grip: Natalie Larkowski
Swing: Joe Katulak
Sound: Haylely Wagner
DIT: Jon Osterman
VTR: Edwin Delfonso

Post Producer: Laura Noonan
Editor: Catherine Gionfriddo
Color: Ayumi Ashley

Production Assistants: Zulema Calixto, Taylor Musgrove, Jauwon Givens