Lana Condor in "Vogue's Family Secrets" 

This is one installment of Vogue's new web series, "Family Secrets". In this episode Lana Condor, the star of Netflix's "To All The Boys I've Loved Before", calls her dad Bob to reminisce about impromptu childhood improv sessions, as well as share her parents’ holistic remedy to combat sleepy morning eyes in Vogue's Family Secrets. The series seeks to let the Vogue audience in to a casual moment between a cultural icon and their family. We sought to make this piece personable, intimate, and above all enlightening.

Director | Talia Green
Producer | JasonStrafford
Production Company | Shoot It Productions
Director of Photography | Jordan McGrath
Hair and Makeup | Casey Gouvea
Florals | Sarah Woare at Diane Rosellini
Gaffer | Casey Schmitt
Digi Tech | Maurice Morales
Audio | Phil Specter
Edited by | Vogue