"Midnight Disco" // Dance Church 

To relaunch in-person classes after pandemic shutdowns, hit workout org, Dance Church asked me to help them create a film that captures the feeling of being at a DC class. Inspired by 2AM club dance floors, the intersection of techno and disco, and the cathartic feeling that comes over you when you take a Dance Church class – we wanted this film to feel dreamy, sweaty, sexy and empowering as we reminded our audience of how incredible it feels to be in a Dance Church class.

Featuring Dance Church Lead Teachers: Laura Carella, Joe Davis, Dominica Greene, Tariq Mitri, Thomas House, Lavinia Vago, Kate Wallich.

Featuring Dance Church Community Members: Symone Sanz, Molly Wizenberg, Andrew Gerritsen, Maria Zeimet, Whitney Wood, Jae Carrion, Alyssa Johnson, Kate Retherford, Shiv Bijlani

Check out the photos from the Campaign here


Director & Photographer: Talia Green
Creative Director: Kate Wallich
Director of Photography: Jacob Rosen
Editor: Camille Durrand
Art Direction: Collect NYC
Producer: Bobby McHugh
Production Co." Electric Sheep
Styling: Colton Winger-Dixon / cuniform
Hair and Makeup: Kaija Towner
Lighting Grip: Brad Fox
Colorist: Drew Tekulve at Paradox Post
Technical Director: Rebecca Blackwell
DIT: Josh True
Production Assistant: Maria Villeges
BTS Photography: Erik Simkins

(Stephen Kenny-Tempest, Nicole Shortland)
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